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Pivot Your Strategy: Generate Ideas for New Product/Service Opportunities

Learn how to generate ideas for pivoting your business's product and services from an expert in Innovation Engineering! Businesses are working hard to pivot their strategy in the "new normal," but how do you know what opportunities exist for you? Good ideas come from identifying problems worth solving and having a clear mission and purpose. Henry Ford has been quoted as saying, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” People often can’t imagine what might be possible to solve their problems, so this virtual workshop will cover:

  • A framework for pivoting and strategies that go beyond asking your customers/stakeholders what they want so that you can uncover their real needs.

  • How to identify major trends that present opportunities in your field to spark ideas for new products or services.

Presentation By: Renee Kelly Renee Kelly is assistant vice president for innovation and economic development for the University of Maine . She serves as a liaison to the state’s economic development community and identifies opportunities for the University to partner with national, state, regional and local organizations to improve Maine’s economy. In addition, she leads the University’s entrepreneurship and innovation support activities including the Foster Center for Student Innovation, which helps students become innovators and entrepreneurs. Ms. Kelly leads UMaine’s efforts in the Innovation Engineering Institute, a collaboration to commercialize its Innovation Engineering curriculum with education institutions worldwide. This workshop will be held via Zoom, so if you RSVP, we will email you the link to join on the day of the event. Presented in Partnership with: University of Maine's Foster Center for Student Innovation and UpStart Center for Entrepreneurship

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