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Business services and connections.


The Affiliates Program helps companies who do not need a physical office space, but who would benefit from the services provided through the Incubator. 


Business Development Services

As an affiliate member of the UpStart Incubator, a company benefits from the many services offered through a variety of business development organizations and the University of Maine. The Incubator provides a "one-stop-shop" for everything a scalable, innovation based company needs to achieve their goals.


Facility Services

Affiliate members can benefit from use of the facility. Conference rooms can be reserved for meetings, and affiliates may use the UpStart Center as a mail drop for business related correspondence.


Education Opportunities

The UpStart Incubator offers a broad range of business development seminars specifically designed to meet the needs of scaleable, innovation based companies. The seminar series provides valuable information, education, resources and networking opportunities to technology companies. 

Networking Opportunities

The benefits of networking with companies in the same industry at varying stages of development is critical to a company's success. Affiliate members are notified of opportunities and events that provide valuable networking opportunities!


Affiliate Costs

Affiliates pay an annual fee in order to take advantage of the many services provided at the UpStart Center. Contact us for more information.

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